A nexus for Caribbean nature and conservation awareness.

Visitors to Caribnature will learn about the natural history of the Caribbean islands and conservation issues through multimedia essays. Each essay tells a story through images and video, contributed mostly by professional photographers and videographers.Haitian landscape Our hope is that these essays will raise awareness of Caribbean biodiversity and conservation. Those wishing to contribute to conservation efforts in the Caribbean are encouraged to make donations.

Credits: web designer/developer Mandy Hippenstiel and multimedia specialists Megan Powell, Lainey Lee, Lindsay Stork, and Molly Oberholtzer, have assisted with the design and development of Caribnature. A grant from Google Earth supported this work. Project work with our partners, including videography and photography, has been funded in part by the Darwin Initiative and the McArthur Foundation. This is a non-profit site created and directed by a scientist, Blair Hedges, who is solely responsible for the content. His research is supported by the National Science Foundation.

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